the leader in providing solutions
for an accessible world

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An Accessible World For All


Guided by relentless passion and focus on cost effective accessible solutions, we will constantly strive to implement, educate, consult and provide low cost solutions to achieve an accessible world for all.

As an inclusive employer, we will deliver excellence in all areas of the company and meet our commitment to our customers and the communities we serve.

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A Fresh Approach To Accessibility With Cost Effective Solutions


There are 1.38 Billion Persons with Disability worldwide a marketplace the size of China (World Health Organization WHO).

In Canada (Stats Canada) there are 4.4 Million or 16.5% of the population.

Persons with disability travel, visit, shop and do business with their friends and families in our communities, the same as everyone else. Including their friends and family, this currently comprises of 53% of the marketplace equaling $357 Billion in disposable income.

It is estimated that business can be increased 15% just by becoming accessible.

As our population ages these numbers will increase.

The businesses and organizations that will flourish are those that care enough about their community to break down the barriers faced by their potential and existing customers or members. It’s not just the right thing to do, it is the profitable thing to do.

We are the only dedicated accessibility company run by persons with disability, so we have first-hand knowledge of access issues and we can look at your business, organization or residence from an unique and expert perspective.

Ask Yourself,
Are You Accessible

our founder’s story

Wade Watts, is a Project Management Professional (PMP) and certified in Occupational Health and Safety Law, Contract Law with 23 years experience in large construction projects and has been an expert and teacher in construction, corporate and collage over a 15 years span. He is now an accessibility expert, consulting, auditing, presenting, educating, developing new cost effective, easy, innovative solutions.


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the leader in providing solutions
for an accessible world

[…] I have the rarest form of Multiple Sclerosis, and the accident I had made me progress 15 years in the blink of an eye […].

[…] I now see the world differently. […] The one constant that still affects me multiple times every single day is: accessibility, or lack thereof. So I started investigating why. Being in construction, especially civil construction, I could not understand why this was such an issue. When I found out just how many people it affects, […] I was perplexed. I knew from my experience in construction that it costs no more, or very little, and even in a lot of cases less expense just to be accessible to all citizens. […]

[…] I now understand why: in most cases its either due to lack of education, or believing its too expensive, or the `it`s good enough` attitude. I refuse to be negative and have come to realize that until it’s your turn to spend your life disabled, or a loved one becomes disabled, you simply don’t understand. I’m guilty of this myself as I never truly understood – but I get it now. Look around you. The statistics say one out of five people will be dealing with an accessibility situation sooner rather than later, if not already. This is why Wheelchair Friendly Solutions was established. We are about low cost solutions for inclusion, offering education, planning and engineering for access and mobility. […]

[…] Most situations do not need the onerous job of digging up and re-pouring concrete, or the installation of automatic doors, both of which can cost thousands of dollars. We have hundreds of solutions for small and large businesses, organizations, events and government, and we offer the best, most extensive AODA education program in Canada. We also want to build a local facility in the future to construct mobility devices at the lowest possible cost in a wheelchair friendly environment, and have started talks with local car dealership to install assistive devices in vehicles and provide them at a reasonable price. This is just the beginning. […]

[…] accessibility remains a daily struggle, one of the reasons 62% of people in wheelchairs are shut-ins. That is why I have decided to fight for this cause. These people cannot be invisible any longer. Together, we can build a world where everyone has access. […]

A Fresh Approach To Accessibility With Cost Effective Solutions