Modular Wheelchair Ramps

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With our duty to accommodate, we provide a permanent and/or semi-permanent modular ramp that complies with all of the federal, provincial and municipal AODA regulations and building codes.

Modular Ramps

Cost effective barrier removal solutions

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Permanent or Semi-Permanent Modular Ramps

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Aluminum Sectional Wheelchair Ramp

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Modular Wheelchair Ramps

With our duty to accommodate, WFSI provides permanent and/or semi-permanent modular ramps that comply with all of the federal, provincial and municipal AODA regulations and building codes. Some of the features of this ramp are:

  • Ramps, handrails and platform sections are preassembled and made of lightweight heavy duty aluminum.
  • It is custom manufactured for any specific requirement, location or terrain.
  • It is ideal for older buildings such as heritage buildings, places with seasonal access and anywhere accessibility might have been overlooked.
  • It is easy to reconfigure or add any modular sections with no major reconstruction.