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Our portable ramps and equipment are the highest quality, most cost effective barrier removal solutions on the market. Guaranteed to last a lifetime.*

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*PVI access ramps come with a Limited Lifetime Warranty unless otherwise noted.

Cost effective barrier removal solutions

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Portable Wheelchair Access Ramps

Highest quality, most cost effective barrier removal solutions!

Portable Wheelchair Access Ramps

Wide Threshold Bevels

This 87 cm (34”) wide, traditionally designed ramp is used nationwide. It is interlocking and self-supporting and can be custom made to fix a door size.

Signature Series Suitcase Ramps

This ramp offers handles for a comfortable grip and for convenient carrying. The self-adjusting bottom transition plate allows for a smoother ground to ramp transfer, as well as provides flexibility at various ramp angles.

The signature series wheelchair ramp is 77cm (30”) wide, ideal for an 83cm (32”) wide door. The weight capacity is at 363kg (800lb).

Pathway Lite Ramps

This ramp exceeds the AODA requirements with a 92cm (36”) width, a 273 kg (600lb) weight capacity and a skid-resistant surface. These ramps also include a 5cm (2”) curb, which is required by the AODA. It’s at the lightest possible weight for the 92cm (36”) width, for maximum portability, and no assembly or folding is required, making this a simple setup and one of the most user-friendly ramps available.

Trifold Advantage Series Ramps

This ramp is a tri-fold portable ramp design with a slip-resistant surface, interlocking hinge and self-adjusting bottom transition plate. The ramp is also compatible with a top lip extension and can allow the ramp to clear the top rear bumper of an SUV or a van.

Pathway Ramps with or without Handrails

Constructed with extruded aluminum, for superior portability, with optional handrails and a seamless non-skid driving surface, this ramp is 92cm (36”) wide and has a weight capacity of 386kg (850lb). The handrails are required for any rises that exceed 16cm (6”).

Curb Cut Ramps

These ramps are specifically designed and custom made for fit, which includes side winged flanged edges. An all-steel design can be temporarily or permanently installed at any curb. This ramp is high visibility and heavy duty, which is useful for absorbing the weight of vehicles.

Level Landing Ramps

These ramps can be custom made to fit any entrance. It can create up to a 153cm x 153cm (60” x 60”) level landing area and turning radius. The standard ramp has three ramped edges, and the “lite” ramp has one ramped edge, with two sides with edge protection.

Wide Threshold Bevels

These are rubberized, 107cm (42”) wide, non-slip ramps where the dimensions meet the provincial and federal specific requirements for accessible ramps and inches per foot slope. It can be custom made to fit any indoor/outdoor entrance with or without side bevels.